Is EMF making our kids wired?

EMFs are electro magnetic fields of radiation. Some are naturally occurring, and humans have evolved to adapt to these those.

EMF’s are present everywhere in our environment and are invisible to the human eye.

Electric fields are produced by the buildup of electric charges in the atmosphere.  Think of thunderstorms.

A magnetic field causes a compass needle to point in a North-South direction.  This is used by birds and fish for navigation.

This is all natural stuff.  So what’s the problem?

Over the last 15 years, wireless technology has increased the EMF’s radiation beyond what is “natural.”

We didn’t have wi-fi and smart meters in our grandparents day and cell towers were unheard of.

The data transmissions are random and send wavelengths at rapid and varied frequencies. This has a detrimental effect on our health, particularly young children as their bodies are smaller so they can absorb more.

A recent film all about this very subject is called Generation Zapped.  It’s a very well made and informative documentary.

In the film, Prof. Olle Johansson, was asked: “how much more radiation penetrates your body today, compared to 10 years ago?”

His reply: “A quintillion times more — that’s a 1 with 18 zeros.”

Here’s a bunch of facts from the Generation Zapped website.  

In recent human history, it is very common that we think that something introduced into our global society, isn’t harmful only to find out, in the years ahead, that this is not the case and it is very damaging to our lives and health.

The obvious example is cigarettes.

In today’s world, our children are born into a society that introduces them to the wonders of technology such as cell phones and computers at a very early age.

Whilst seeming totally safe and very convenient in today’s modern world, cell phones, smart meters and other “smart” devices that rely on cell towers and Wi-Fi, come at a cost to our health.

Western science is catching up with thousands of years of Eastern understanding and concluding that the human body is an energetic system.

Like any natural system, it is designed to exist in a state of balance.

Chaotic patterns of energy (EMF) can and do interact with our system and destabilize it.

How much our body is destabilized depends on the amount of EMF being generated, our proximity to the source(s), and our individual sensitivity and the state of our health.

Our body reacts to this with an immune response which drains our energy and our body experiences stress.

Stress, as we now know, is the root of most disease.

Depending on our body’s make-up and susceptibility, our own genetic weakest link will be what breaks eventually with a resulting health condition.

Having been linked to many health conditions and even cancer, the ever-growing amount of exposure we have to EMF’s is what is becoming so concerning.  

EMF’s are almost impossible to avoid and worse still, children are even more susceptible to the EMF’s negative effects.

Another, well researched, way in which EMF interacts with our bodies is through the pineal gland and melatonin reduction.

Melatonin is responsible for regulating our sleep, for bodily repair functions, and preventing cancer. Our pineal glands make it when its dark.

The problem with EMF is that the body can’t tell the difference between it and light so enough EMF in the bedroom will ensure that little melatonin is produced.

Insomnia is an early symptom.

Here is a list of conditions associated with poor levels of melatonin:

Inability to deal with fevers
Increased risk of heart disease and arteriosclerosis
Increased cholesterol
Increased blood pressure and the possibility of developing blood clots
Increased risk of strokes
Reduced T cells which attack cancer and virus cells

Even though government agencies and people, in general, are reluctant to admit it, EMF’s are extremely dangerous.

Several devices that most people will have in their home produce enough radiation that could cause harm.

Devices such as computers, microwaves and cellphones can cause conditions such as poor concentration, memory loss, dizziness, insomnia, headaches and many other illnesses

So, how can we minimize exposure and protect our family?  

Here are 7 things you can do to reduce your exposure:

GET OFF THE GRID: Turn your Wi-Fi router, devices and Bluetooth OFF or put on airplane mode when not in use. Try not to use wireless devices in metal enclosures like cars, buses, planes, trains and elevators.

GET PURE SLEEP with no wireless devices in your bedroom, unless on airplane mode. EMF’s affect your melatonin secretions and your brain!

GET TIME CONSCIOUS: Decrease your exposure time! Speak less. Text more. Use speakerphone. Less time spent in Wi-Fi hotspots.

GET IT OUT of your pocket to help prevent infertility and prostate cancer. Get it out of your bra to help prevent breast cancer.

GET SIGHT: Look out for cell phone towers or 5G transmitters near you and your children’s schools.

GET SMART:  Say NO to so-called “smart” meters, “smart” home alarms and anything “smart” for that matter. They are not in your best interest.

Having products in your home or on your person that protect from the dangers of EMF will also help.

There are a variety of nutrients that help to protect your body against the effects of exposure to EMF.

Examples of these are vitamin D3, iodine, B vitamins, zinc, selenium and omega 3 fatty acids.

It is also important to consume food with a high oxygen radical absorbance capacity such as artichokes, cranberries, red beans, pecans, asparagus, blueberries and broccoli.

Limiting exposure to EMF, consuming foods that help and having products that protect against EMF can decrease the risk of the harm that is associated with these devices.

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